Aislin lives with her minister husband Balor. He is a man of sudden and violent mood swings, and stern religiosity. A storm is raging inside their marriage and just as they reach breaking point they are joined by a Glaswegian youth who is to be given one last chance at rehabilitation. Balor is initially suspicious of him but Aislin recognises a kindred spirit in him. His youthful nature ignites a passion within her, which offers her a way out of a life bound by convention and into the world beyond. A taut and claustrophobic drama set on a wild, remote Scottish island in the 1950s.

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  • Rating:15+ IFF
  • Country:UK
  • Year:2014
  • Duration:98 minutes
  • Director:Corinna McFarlane
  • Starring:Damian Lewis, Andrea Riseborough, Kate Dickie
  • With thanks to West End Films