Rated 8+ IFF

Angel Azul

Thursday 06 November, 2:00 pm
Witness the birth of an artificial coral reef, learn how we are inextricably connected to the ocean and then consider how our choices will determine what we leave to...
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Friday 07 November

Once in Your Lifetime

Friday 07 November, 7:00 pm
Once in Your Lifetime is based on the theory that every fly fisher should come to Scotland at least once in their lifetime to fly fish the remote hill...
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Discovery Film Festival

The Boy and The World

Saturday 08 November, 1:30 pm
Cuca, a young Brazilian boy, leaves his simple, rural home to follow his father into the city, where he has had to travel in search of work. Along the...
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Discovery Film Festival


Sunday 09 November, 11:00 am
12-year-old Pelle Nørhmann is a loner at school, picked on by bullies and ignored by Amanda, the beautiful classmate he pines for. But one day he is bitten by...
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